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If you’re looking for driving tuition from professional, experienced and patient instructors, and you are based around Gloucester or Cheltenham, John Lowe Driving can help you. We are a family business with over 30 years of experience teaching people to drive.

Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons!

With a choice of either manual or automatic training, we can tailor your driving lessons to suit your requirements. We are renowned for our quality services, competitive rates and for even providing free lessons!


  • Full one hour Driving lessons
  • One to one tuition
  • FREE pick up and return
  • No ‘piggy-backing’
  • Polite and patient driving instructor

Professional and Patient ADI Driving Instructors

Lis and John are here to help and our team of qualified ADI Driving instructors will always arrive on time in modern, dual controlled cars. Tom, Nick, Martyn, John, Charlie and Ian - their mission is to help you learn to drive, whether you choose manual or automatic, we believe that learning should be fun and hope that you will enjoy yourself whilst driving with us. We will coach you in a style of driving which will not only help you to pass;
it will encourage safe driving for life!



4 Lessons for £59!!*  manual car and new learners only

* Includes your FREE lesson*

Areas we Cover: